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30th of August to 1st of September 2024

Friday 30th August. Guess Your Time starts at 4:00pm. Trousers Point.
Saturday 31st August. ParkRun starts at 9:00am. Whitemark Wharf.
Sunday 1st September. Pub2Pub. Walkers start at 7:30am, runners start at 9:00am start. Furneaux Tavern.

Yes there are! Buses will leave the Furneaux Tavern at 6:45am for the walkers for a 7:30am start, then 8:15am for the runners and a 9:00am start

If you pop your gear into a clearly-named bag just before you're ready to run/walk, you can leave the bag in the bus and it will be there at the other end when you're finished.

You can do this on Friday at Trousers Point, Saturday at ParkRun or outside the Furneau Tavern on Sunday morning before the bus departs.

Yes, you will definitely need a National Parks Pass for the run as it goes through Strzelecki National Park.

Our first Toddler Trot will be held after the Pub2Pub around 12:00pm, all littluns are welcome. The course will start and finish at the Furneaux Tavern, and won't be too long! No registration needed.

Yes, the Furneaux Tavern will be open after the Pub2Pub. There will also be a BBQ after the Trousers Point run, and the Flinders Wharf will be open after ParkRun on the Saturday. There will also be a carb loading pizza/pasta night on the Friday night, more details to come.

Absolutely, please do! You can do this during the registration process and just provide everyone's name.

Not at all! The Flinders Island Running Festival is for all ages. If you're keen, then we'd love to have you, no matter your age.

If you are under 18 years of age on the 31st August 2024, you will need a parent or guardian to register on your behalf.

Yes, thanks to Turbo Chook Tech we will be recording finish times for the Pub2Pub. Please ensure your bib is visible at the finish line for the camera that will be set up.

All runners and walkers will receive a medal upon completion of the Pub2Pub. There will be spot prizes available for the winners of each race. These will be presented after the Pub2Pub outside the Furneaux Tavern.

Island vouchers can be exchanged at the following locations: Flinders Wharf, Liz’s at the Golf Club, Cate Cooks, Flinders Island Interstate Hotel, Furneaux Tavern, and Flinders Island Bakery.

After you’ve ordered, t-shirts will be available to be picked up at the event.

If we have to cancel an event, we'll call it on the day. If it is absolutely horrendous and dangerous we will cancel the event, but otherwise we will go ahead.

There's plenty of parking at both the Furneaux Tavern and the Whitemark Interstate Hotel at the end of the Pub2Pub.

Yes there are! Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we offer drink stations located along the course with water available. Entrants are responsible for any hydration or nutrition needs outside of this.

Entry fees are non-refundable within two (2) weeks of the festival starting. Please contact us to discuss if you need to cancel: registration@flindersisland.run

Cut off is 1pm but people can continue on course at their own discretion. That will allow 4 hours for runners and 5.5 hours for walkers.

Yes. But be mindful that you are running on a public road with cars. Runners/walkers are responsible for their own safety while undertaking the event and be cautious of public traffic.

Yes, pooches are more than welcome at the Pub2Pub and ParkRun. But please use common sense and try to avoid being in a group that might cause an accident. The Trousers Point 4.4 goes through a National Park so unfortunately pooches are not allowed at this run.

Banner photo credit: Paul Hoelen Photography