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Welcome to Flinders Island, one of 52 islands in the Furneaux Group dotted across Bass Strait, north-east of Tasmania.

Getting here

Flinders Island is accessible by a number of transport options. There are flights available from Melbourne, Launceston or Bridport.

Further information here, including links to several transport providers


Flinders Island has a variety of accommodation options to suit a range of needs. Accommodation is centered around the two towns of Whitemark and Lady Barron, however there are a number of options outside of town for people who want to get away from it all.

Further information here, including links to several accommodation options


Whether you're treating yourself to a meal out or cooking at home, Flinders Island has a variety of fresh local produce to suit your requirements.

Lady Barron has a supermarket, the Lady Barron Store, and a pub, the Furneaux Tavern. You may need to book evening meals, so be sure to check in if you’re planning a meal out.

Whitemark has a supermarket, Walkers, and a pub, the Interstate Hotel. There’s also the Flinders Island Sports & RSL, Liz’s at the Golf Club, Cate Cooks, Flinders Island Bakery and the Flinders Wharf, set right on the jetty for a stunning sunset. Mikey will also be setting up the Flinders Island Food Van, so look out for him between the Interstate and Flinders Wharf.

Opening hours:

  • Flinders Island Interstate Hotel
    • Friday 11am to 10pm (food served 12-1:30pm and 5-7:30pm)
    • Saturday 11am to 10pm
    • Sunday 1pm to 6pm
    • Corner cafe open 8am till 11am every day

  • Furneaux Tavern
    • Everyday, 11am to 10pm (food served 12-2pm and 6-7:30pm)
    • Sunday open from 7:30am to 9:30am for the Pub2Pub start

  • Flinders Island Bakery
    • Friday and Monday, 7am till 4pm

Car rental

Spoiler alert, there is no public transport on Flinders Island. There are a number of local businesses who rent out cars on the island, whether you are arriving at Flinders Island Airport or Lady Barron.

Further information is available here, including links to several car rental operators on Flinders

Banner photo credit: Paul Hoelen Photography